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Friday, May 25, 2012

Per parent request I am adding some ideas for the daisy petals.  All Girl Scouts are welcome to work on thier petals on thier own time this summer as well.  We have covered the topics below during our meetings in this school year and on on our adventures.  If your daisy started mid year she might have missed some of the activities.  Enjoy your summer and I am looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

Center - The Girl Scout Promise 
(we practice the promise every meeting andmost girls know it by heart)
Print off a Girl Scout Promise printable from the internet or simply make one yourself. Let the girls color the promise green and then have them draw themselves as Daisy Girl Scouts on the page. Make sure to say the Girl Scout Promise while doing this activity and make it fun. Have multiple girls start the Promise or have each girl say a different line.
One thing young Girl Scouts have trouble with is remembering which hand to hold up while saying the Girl Scout Promise. Again, go online and find a right hand (or generic hand). Print some off and have the girls fold the fingers to make the Girl Scout sign. Talk about only raising your right hand during the Girl Scout Promise. After your girls get their fingers in the right position let them color and decorate their hands with crayons.
Yellow - Friendly and Helpful
This is an easy easy petal to get accomplished with your girls. Have 1 girl bring a snack to each meeting for the troop. Let that Girl Scout set up the snack area and hand out snacks to each girl. This is helping the leader and co-leader.
While your Daisy is handing out her snacks she needs to say 1 nice thing to the other girls while they each say something in return. This is being friendly. The girl who brought snacks will earn her yellow petal.
Light Blue - Honest and Fair
Have a discussion with your girls about the importance of being honest and fair. Ask them questions and give them scenarios regarding honesty and fairness. For example; If your sibling/friend wants to play with your toy and you have been playing with it for a long time what would be the fair thing to do? When your parents ask you if your room is clean and you say, "Yes",..but it really is not clean, are you being honest? What would be the honest thing to say? Give every girl a chance to talk and answer questions.
Go to your local store and get a bag of Hershey Kisses and some cheap clear cups for this exercise. Give each girl a clear cup and write their names on them. Start at the first girl and give her 5 kisses. Make sure to count them out loud for each girl. Go to the next girl and only give her 2 kisses. Give the third girl 1 kiss. The fourth girl will receive 4 kisses. Continue around the table giving each girl a different amount of candy. They will start to complain and try telling you. "This isn't fair", "I only got 2 and she got 5", and "She got more than me". After the final girl gets her candy sit with them and ask how we can make it fair so each girl has the same amount of candy? Let them figure out how to divide the candy equally or simply give them the remaining chocolates so each girl has 5. This teaches the importance of being fair to everyone.
Purple - Respect Myself and Others
Teach the girls how to respect themselves by eating healthy. Talk about the food pyramid and the different food groups. Ask each girl to name a food that is healthy and unhealthy. Print off some food pyramids and let the girls color them.
Sit the girls in a circle with 1 in the middle. Have every girl give the middle child a compliment. Rotate the middle girl until everyone has had a chance to receive their compliments from the troop. Talk to your girls about how part of respecting others is being nice and friendly.
Magenta - Respect Authority
Have the girls name different directions they have to follow on a daily basis. Our mom's tell us to brush our teeth and pick up our room. The teacher tells us to sit quietly and stay in line. Let them each have a chance to think of directions and share their ideas with the other girls. Then ask them how important is it to follow directions? Why do people tell us to do these things? Show them the reasons behind the directions and why it is important to follow them.
Let the girls draw pictures of people with authority in the community. Police Officers, Crossing Guards, Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses, Troop Leaders, Teachers, Dentists, and anything else their growing minds come up with.
Spring Green - Considerate and Caring
Get some printables off the internet or simply create some that say please and thank you. You can also use other words or phrases. While the girls color the printables talk about why it is important to say that word to other people. Why do we say please when we ask for something? Why do we say thank you when someone else does something nice for us? Let each girl have a chance to answer.
Talk about additional words besides the ones on your printables that are considerate and caring. Compliments, you're welcome, have a nice day, excuse me, good morning, good night, etc. Let the girls have the reins with this and do all the talking. Just prompt them with a few words here and there or talk about why some things they might come up with are not considerate and caring.
Violet - Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout
Create friendship bracelets with the girls. Get string and crafting beads. Try to use colors that are Girl Scout related. Blue and green or blue and white work well for Daisy Scouts. After making the bracelets let the girls wear them and talk about how they all have the same item to represent they are in the same family.
Talk about how the Daisy Troop is like a big family. Discuss how we are supposed to be here to support, help, and respect the other girls. The troop is there to learn and experience new and exciting things together. The girls will grow up with each other through the years and form a bond like a real family has.
Green - Use Resources Wisely
Find some fun recycling printables online. Some connect the dots, word finds, or other fun activity. Let the girls color these while you all talk about the different things we can recycle; glass, paper, metal, plastic, etc.
Have each girl bring a tin can to the meeting. Discuss with the girls how if you place that tin can in the garbage it will never go away. Suggest that they think of different things we can do with the tin can besides throw it in the trash. After each girl gives you her ideas let them know that they will be turning their tin cans into planters. Have a small bag of dirt and some daisy flower seeds to fill up the girl's tin cans with.
Red - Courageous and Strong
Play a blindfold game with the Scouts. Place a blindfold on each girl and allow the rest of the troop to give her directions and help lead her to the other side of the room. The girls are being courageous by overcoming a fear and helping others do something hard.
Discuss how exercise keeps our bodies and minds strong while you let the girls color exercise printables. Find some fun activity for them to do such as 10 jumping jacks or doing the duck walk from one end of the room to the other.
Orange - Responsible For What I Say and Do
The fruit salad exercise is great fun. The girls always enjoy doing this together. At a previous meeting tell the parents what fruit their daughter is responsible for. Let one girl bring 2 apples and another brings 2 bananas, then a third brings 2 oranges, and another to brings 1 cantaloupe, etc. If all the girls are responsible then the next meeting they will have a fruit salad.
Talk about other things the girls do every day that they are responsible for. Helping mom/dad/siblings/grandparents, cleaning their room, being nice to the family, going to school, and brushing their teeth.